Artists For Refugees: Online Fundraiser Event
29 Jun

Mecano support Vicinus

Artists For Refugees: Online Fundraiser Event

In Cyprus and in Europe, we have witnessed a rise in anti-migrant and anti-refugee rhetoric from most key institutions in society. The treatment of refugees in Cyprus worsened further during the Covid-19 pandemic. This worrying trend endangers people who have already suffered enough.

Marking World Refugee Day, we wish to celebrate the incredible strength and heart of refugees and to let the world know that REFUGEES ARE WELCOME. Vicinus have organised an exciting online fundraiser event, where we are hosting incredible artists from around the world to perform in support of refugees.

We have created a Gofundme page: https://gofund.me/98286e72

The money raised will go towards various refugee camps in Cyprus. We aim to raise money for resources sorely needed.

Our ultimate aim is to vastly help improve Cyprus refugee camp conditions, and to show our solidarity with refugees from all of the world!

Please support our project if you can! We are very grateful for any kind of support we receive. If you are unable to donate monetarily, please share our event and donations page.

From all of Vicinus, thank you for all of your support!